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We have two in-house therapists who offer treatments from our upstairs studio space
(a separate private room to the main studio)


Jon Webb MSc, CSCS; Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Student Osteopath

Jon has been a Strength and Condition Coach for over 20 years. He has worked with athletes and elite performers from a variety of sports; football, rugby, boxing, golf, cycling, and cricket. He has a diploma in soft tissue manipulation and he uses this alongside joint articulations and strength training techniques to identify and address the route course of the clients' issues.
 full treatment list is below:
(Initial consultation 60 mins £50, follow up consultation 45 mins £45)

Rehabilitating and re-conditioning sport-related injuries:
- Sports massage/ Soft tissue manipulation

- Joint articulation

- Strength training

Jon can also help with other common non-sports-related conditions such as:

 - Muscle pain/discomfort (like hamstring strain),

 - Neck and back pain (like herniated discs),

  - Shoulder dysfunction (like frozen shoulder),

- Hip and knee problems (like osteoarthritis),

 - Elbow pain (like tennis elbow),

 - Nerve pain (like sciatica),

 - Tendinopathy (like Achilles tendon or plantar fascia pain).

If you are interested, appointments can be booked with Jon directly via the contact details below:


Phone: 07714524792 

Facebook: Jon Webb Active CP

Instagram: jonwebb_active Website:

Sports massage Chelford Cheshire

Emma Taberner MCSP, BSc, MSc; Physiotherapist, Sports Masseuse, Acupuncture, Dry Needling, Sports injury clinic - rehabilitation and return to sport

Emma graduated from the University of Salford with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy and has undertaken an MSc in Sport and Exercise Medicine. Emma was keen to get stuck into Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy from the off. After completing her early graduate NHS rotations, she started working in private practice seeing a wide caseload of patients ranging from medico-legal to amateur sportsmen and children. Emma has 10+ years of experience and continues to work with clients from a wide range of sporting and non-sporting backgrounds in her practice Rubik’s Physiotherapy.

Sports injury clinic - rehabilitation and return to sport
This service is for clients suffering from both acute and chronic sporting and non-sporting injuries. 
Treatment will consist of manual therapies, education & exercise rehabilitation. 

Initial Assessment 45mins - £55
Follow Up - 30mins - £45
Follow Up - 45mins - £55
Follow Up - 60mins - £70

A treatment modality to relieve pain, increase circulation, increase energy levels, reduce

stress and overall well-being. 

45mins - £60 
60mins - £75

Dry Needling 
A method used for pain and movement issues whereby the cause is associated with myofascial

trigger points. This method of treatment is commonly used in conjunction with other forms of
manual therapy modalities including acupuncture. 

Sports Massage 
Sports & Deep Tissue Massage 


30mins - £40
45mins - £50
60mins - £60

If you are interested, appointments can be booked with Emma directly via the contact details below:

Email -

Phone - 07739555178

Physiotherapy at the Paragon Pilates studio in Chelford
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