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Paragon Pilates is pleased to offer private one-to-one Reformer Pilates sessions from our dedicated studio in the centre of Chelford. We have morning, afternoon, and evening slots available. As with our Matwork sessions, we create a tailored plan which is specific to you and your goals. The Reformer offers a variety of settings making it highly adaptable, these settings can be easily adjusted to accommodate individual body proportions and to suit the physical and technical ability of the client.

Why should you add Reformer Pilates to your exercise regime?

The Reformer adds a variable resistance source to client's movements. It can be combined with gravity to increase the physical challenge of the exercise being performed or it can be used to offset gravity, thereby reducing the physical challenge. The Reformer also offers clients increased feedback, allowing them to 'feel' their alignment more easily, improving their mind-body connection and developing deeper body awareness. As the muscles are working under increased load, clients tend to see a quicker increase in strength versus a traditional Matwork program.

Interested? we offer a discounted taster session which is just £35 for new clients, head to the contact tab to complete our online form or call or email us for more information.

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