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With good posture the forces of gravity are evenly distributed throughout the body, there is minimal wear and tear on the joints and correct muscle length is maintained. This creates a balance in the body that helps you to move safely and efficiently in every day life.

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My interest in Pilates began after I developed chronic back pain during my early twenties. The pain was exacerbated by my job which involved sitting at a desk for prolonged periods. Despite being young and fit my posture had also started to deteriorate due to the sedentary nature of my job. I started searching for a solution to help ease my pain and improve my posture, whilst also allowing me to recover some of the movement I had lost in my spine. I tried many different approaches before discovering Pilates, which through regular practice provided me with a solution to all three problems. My spine became more mobile, as a result, my pain reduced and my alignment gradually improved. My interest in Pilates started as a potential solution to my chronic pain but after a few years of practice, it became my passion.


I decided to train with Body Control; a highly respected Pilates training provider based in London. The Body Control Pilates method is unique and is widely considered the industry standard for Pilates teacher training. Joseph Pilates' classical repertoire underpins the wide range of exercises taught during the two-year course.

After qualifying, I founded Paragon Pilates with the aim of offering a range of classes, each designed to mobilise the major joints in the body, improve alignment, reconnect the body with the breath, restore muscle tone and develop core strength.

I am pleased to offer classes across several locations in Cheshire during the daytime and evenings, allowing clients to attend a regular weekly class that works around their schedule. For anyone else, online Zoom classes and private one to one sessions are available. Alongside general classes, I have a special interest in chronic pain, working with clients to find the underlying cause and to get them back to enjoying their day to day activities.

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All classes are mixed ability

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F2F Classes, online Zoom classes and private sessions



Paragon Pilates offers a range of classes for all levels across Cheshire at times that are convenient for you. With face to face classes you get the benefit of tactile cueing and the teacher can see you from all angles, allowing for detailed feedback and adjustments. You also experience the social side of Pilates, being part of a supportive and friendly group, progressing together from week to week.



Born out of necessity during the lockdown, Zoom classes have proven to be hugely popular. Participating from your living room, all you need is a mat, head cushion and a laptop with a built-in camera and microphone. No travel time and you can join in from anywhere in the world! Zoom classes offer unlimited flexibility, helping you to schedule your weekly class around other commitments. 



Private 1-2-1 sessions are great if you are new to Pilates and nervous about joining a class, or if you have a specific area that you would like to work on. Whether it's injury rehabilitation, improved core strength or developing your flexibility, we create a plan which is specific to you and your goals. Private sessions can be online via Zoom or f2f from your home, there are several options available to suit your needs.

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“My method develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong posture, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit” Joseph Pilates


Joseph Pilates suffered from numerous health problems as a child such as rickets, asthma and rheumatic fever. Having struggled for years he concluded that becoming physically fit was the solution to overcoming his health concerns. He started experimenting with different approaches to exercise looking at yoga, dance, self-defence, skiing, gymnastics and resistance training. He chose different elements from each discipline and combined them into Pilates, with the aim of creating a new exercise style that had an equal balance of strength and flexibility. Having proven the effectiveness of the method on this own body, he began teaching others and eventually emigrated to America and set up a studio in New York with his wife Clara.


Pain and problems tend to arise when the joints are misaligned and muscles aren’t at their correct length, over time your proprioception (your brain's idea of what is normal) will also become altered making these misalignments harder to spot in yourself. Pilates uses exercises that improve joint mobility, muscle recruitment patterns, core strength and alignment. As good posture is restored, natural movement patterns will return and after a number of sessions, you will notice that you start to move with better alignment during your daily life. This limits the risk of unnecessary wear and tear throughout the major joints in your body, as well as reducing your chances of developing arthritis or injury. This focus on posture, alignment, core control and joint ranges of motion is where Pilates differs from other types of exercise.



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