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Alignment is everything

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Alignment is everything … but why? in the modern day world of sedentary jobs and rising lower back pain, alignment and posture have never been more important.

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Common postural problems with desk work

“Alignment is everything” moving with good posture allows us to keeps our joints functional and healthy into later life. Our bodies are designed for the pelvis, ribcage and head to be vertically stacked one on top of the other. If there are misalignments, this is going to over and underwork different muscles in the body and create imbalances.

But what is the link between sedentary jobs, desk work and lower back pain? Sitting at a desk all day has major postural implications. Your hip flexors sit in flexion all day and as a result, they become tight and short. Your glutes conversely are held in an extended position whilst sitting, meaning they become weak and lengthened. The combination of the two results in the pelvis being pulled into what is known anatomically as an anterior tilt. As the pelvis and lumbar spine are linked, this adjustment in the pelvis leads to the lumbar spine being drawn into extension. In an extended position, your lumbar spine is weak and vulnerable, coupled with the fact that being in an anterior tilt lengthens and stretches your abdominals, you have just created the perfect recipe for lower back pain!

So your abdominals are switched off, your lower back is being drawn into extension and then you add weight into the equation by lifting something heavy, next thing you know you are laid in bed with the deep heat and ibuprofen at the ready. So what can you do to help prevent this? Regular Pilates practice!

Pilates works on safely improving and readjusting your alignment, allowing you to correct muscle imbalances and strengthen your core. There are mental health benefits too, we associate poor posture with ageing, so as your alignment improves it helps you to stand up straighter and feel more confident.


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