My interest in Pilates began after I developed chronic back pain during my early twenties. The pain was exacerbated by my job which involved sitting at a desk for prolonged periods. Despite being young and fit my posture had also started to deteriorate due to the sedentary nature of my job. I started searching for a solution to help ease my pain and improve my posture, whilst also allowing me to recover some of the movement I had lost in my spine. I tried many different approaches before discovering Pilates, which through regular practice provided me with a solution to all three problems. My spine became more mobile, as a result, my pain reduced and my alignment gradually improved. My interest in Pilates started as a potential solution to my chronic pain but after a few years of practice, it became my passion.


I decided to train with Body Control; a highly respected Pilates training provider based in London. The Body Control Pilates method is unique and is widely considered the industry standard for Pilates teacher training. Joseph Pilates' classical repertoire underpins the wide range of exercises taught during the two-year course.

After qualifying, I founded Paragon Pilates with the aim of offering a range of classes, each designed to mobilise the major joints in the body, improve alignment, reconnect the body with the breath, restore muscle tone and develop core strength.

I have also completed additional qualifications in Intermediate Matwork, Reformer Pilates, Pilates for Bone Health, Pilates for Chronic Pain, Pilates with Small Equipment and Pilates for Golfers.

I am pleased to offer classes across several locations in Cheshire during the daytime and evenings, allowing clients to attend a regular weekly class that works around their schedule. For anyone else, online Zoom classes and private one to one sessions are available. Alongside general classes, I have a special interest in chronic pain, working with clients to find the underlying cause and to get them back to enjoying their day to day activities.

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